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Passage Foods

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I did a quick search of the forum and can't see that this has been mentioned yet. If so - apologies.

Has anyone else found the 'Passage Foods' range of pasta/stir-fry/simmer sauces? They are in most of the supermarkets here in Australia, as well as in health food stores. Their website (which you can find by searching for the brand name above) also says that they are available in some places in the US, Canada, UK and so on.

They all state that they are gluten free, and don't use artificial colours, flavours etc. I like that they use sunflower oil, rather than the horrid (in my opinion!) vegetable oil.

I haven't tried them myself, due to other food issues, but I've made a few of them for my family and they look and smell good. You cook some meat and vegetable, add the sauce and let it simmer for a while, then serve with rice. Incredibly easy.

I'm keen to know if anyone else has seen these? They seem to have a great range available, but I've only found the 'Passage to India' and 'Passage to Morocco' ranges so far.

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I went to a larger supermarket today and found the 'Japan', 'Malaysia', 'China' and 'Indonesia' ranges today. All gluten free. Looking forward to hearing if anyone else finds these at any point.

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