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Celiac Disease And Food Allergies

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Hello fellow Celiacs - I would be grateful for your comment and advice on this topic. I am a diagnosed Celiac living in Toronto Canada, and have been grouped into the 'IBS' catchall as well. I have been diligent to ensure that my diet is gluten free and have had a checkup and blood tests that indicate that all is good - however I am still suffering - the symptoms that I have are as follows:

- high IgG Food Antibodies (numerous foods) carried out by Genova Diagnostics in the US

- ringing in the years - more noticeable at night

- nausea from time to time

- tight lumpy gut in the morning

- salty/mineral/thirsty taste in the mouth (I have been tested for Sjogrens and I am clear)

- dry lips and tiny sores around the mouth

- mild headaches/rare

- low energy/fatique (VitD and Vit B12 levels are all good)

- irritability

Does anyone suffer the same? What do you recommend. Any ideas on a specialist I could in the world of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in Toronto?

Thank you!

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Sounds like me. I don't have full blown Celiacs, but gluten and casein intolerance, which has resulted in leaky gut syndrome and chemical sensitivity.

All I know is that it would be a good idea to avoid all grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes for a while and give your intestines a chance to heal. This is hard for me because I'm sensitive to so many things. It's a struggle to find things to eat. The GAPS diet or Paleo diet may benefit you.

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Thank you Apache - sound advice - gluten-free cashews and Quinoa have recently been on my diet - perhaps that has made things challenging. I agree leaky gut may be an issue - what supplement do you take for this?

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