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Baking Challenged

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Uggghh feeling a little discouraged. Two loaves of sandwich bread ruined before I figured out that my yeast wasn't proofing properly, then it looks like my muffins will be a fail as well - forgot to add baking soda =( because I was using a recipe on the back of another gluten-free flour mix that already had it, but was using a gluten-free flour that didn't already have it......

Why does it feel like gluten-free baking is so much more complicated =(

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There's no reason to feel discouraged. The things you stated can happen to anyone, gluten-free or not.

But you don't have to let those failed loaves go to waste. You can slice them up, toast or bake until crispy, then crumble them up to use as bread crumbs, or in a "graham cracker" type crust.

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