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Still Traveling...is Dairy The Culprit?

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Since my last thread re: traveling and eating out, I 'm still having stomach issues. I was fine when I awoke yesterday, ate out again, this time had a baked potato with sour cream and some butter. Also two cups decaf coffee, which I normally do not drink. Then went to a movie and had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie.....loose bowels and flatulence. Haven't had that happen in ages.

Then for dinner, I had some salmon and "Grandma's potato salad" from a local supermarket.

All night long, flatulence and this morning loose bowels and just feeling tired.

I wish I could pinpoint the culprit. Our home is in Italy where we never eat any processed food. I do eat some dairy there, eggs and some cheese which never bothers me. I was told by a naturopath that I am casein intolerant so I do not drink milk which always makes me ill. For those of you who may know: Do you think may be

the sour cream? or butter? Or possibly the coffee which does bother me sometime but not like this. I do eat butter occasionally and it has never bothered me in the past. Don't know about the sour cream which is a new ingredient for me. I eat one egg every morning for breakfast and that

doesn't bother me, so I am confused about the whole dairy issue. thanks in advance, still struggling while traveling.

P.S. Also, for those of who who can not eat dairy, what do you eat for protein at breakfast time?

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Dairy (milk products) are in this case not in the same category as eggs. So you can have a problem with one and not another.

Also, when traveling and eating out it is almost impossible to tell if you are getting glutened. However, if you notice a problem eating milk products by all means drop them until you get home.

Hood luck, it's terrible travelling while ill.

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It's also possible that there are things added to the sour cream, such as carageenan or similar items that is more of a problem for you, than the sour cream itself. I've only found one brand locally (daisy) that is just cream, all the others have additives. I think the organic varieties might be o.k. too, but in the U.S. they're allowed to do things to food that they aren't allowed to do in Europe. The butter is probably o.k. if it's butter and not margarine. If it's margarine it will have soy oil, which can act as a thyroid inhibitor.

Coffee may or may not be an issue, as I'm discovering. The flavored coffees apparently will sometimes use gluten ingredients as part of the flavoring, and if the coffee grinder is used for both kinds then there's a very real likelihood of CC.

And to make it more interesting, when you're eating out it appears from some of my recent studies, that a lot of restaurants (especially fast food places) use MSG in their food or it's in the pre-packaged ingredients. Here's a list of 'hidden names' for MSG, in case it helps. I have very strong negative reactions to MSG.

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