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On The Right Track!

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Just wanted to share that I got a small confirmation that I am on the right track today. :D I had bloodwork done right before diagnosis that showed pretty elevated liver function #'s. Changing nothing except for going gluten-free has lowered them to well within the normal range (lower end!) I am pretty excited because even though I've been having some digestive issues lately I think this shows that they are probably not caused by my celiac. I was a little scared waiting for the results (cause I hadn't changed anything else-I still love my friday and saturday nights ;) )I was kinda afraid they would still be high and my dr would take my apple cider and tequila away too :o

I guess I will try an elimination diet (after the holidays) and see if I can resolve the remaining gi issues

ps, my gallbladder looks great on ultrasound too :P

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Yay! Good luck to you, glad you're finding the right track. :)

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