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After Being Glutened

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About a week ago, on vacation I was glutened 2 days in a row. My 'ezcema' broke out horribly, way worse than its ever been. My side of my hand was covered in about a thousand blisters, it normally was a 1 inch circle and a few tiny blisters..this was so much worse. Within 2 days of being strict gluten free, being extra careful again my blisters resolved, and are still resolving.

But...its been almost a week and I am having a really hard time with fatique, brain fog again. I feel like its from being glutened, because its extreme like when I was severly deficient on Vitamin D. ...which I have upped my Vitamin D the past few days in case it was that again.

How long does it typically take to resolve symptoms from being glutened?

I was kind of surprised what happened with my hand after just a few months of being gluten free. It kind of freaks me out and wonder what will happen if 4 months from now I get glutened.

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Sorry to hear you are still feeling it. I think I picked up a little cross-contamination from a "gluten-free" dessert at a holiday party this past Saturday evening. Sunday was rough and still some residual D and fatigue Monday but Tuesday was more or less normal. I can only speculate why my bounce was quick. Perhaps I only ingested a small amount of gluten. The vitamin D you are taking should be helping. I also take B-complex plus another 1000 mg of B-12 daily. I also take magnesium oxide daily (400 mg I think). Also a daily probiotic and just recently I started making and drinking kefir from young coconuts (see Body Ecology Diet for details). Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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