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Former Senator John Edwards

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I wonder......?


RALEIGH, N.C. – Former presidential candidate John Edwards says he has been diagnosed with a medical condition that would make it difficult for him to attend his approaching criminal trial over campaign finances and is asking for it to be delayed.

In a motion filed Thursday, Edwards' lawyers asked a federal judge to delay the start of the Jan. 30 trial for at least two months. They did not disclose his illness and filed sealed records with the court.

"The Defendant has a medical issue ... that will prevent a trial of this matter during the January 2012 Criminal Term," the motion says. "The failure to grant a continuance would be likely to result in a miscarriage of justice."


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I've often wondered if our prison systems would respect the prisoners' right to eat food that doesn't make them sick. Hopefully, with his money, maybe he can find a way to sneak it into the big house.

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