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Alcohol And Gas Producing Foods

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Does anyone know? I have done alot of healing in the last 8 months on a gluten-free diet. Have been able to decrease my vit D supplement, I can take in small bits of oats without it going right thru me, alcohol no longer goes straight to my veins and I am tolerating small amounts of spice now. I have been really careful. Went out to celebrate my b.day, had 2 margaritas and paid a price for it. No throwing up, thank goodness, but my body was flinching like crazy. My fingers were going numb and then they would burn. I know that alcohol depletes your potassium and B12 so I figured this is what happened and even the supplementation that I do daily was not enough.. I am assuming this happened because my gut is still quite damaged??

Another thing too that is giving me trouble is gas producing foods like beans, cauliflower, cabbage. The gas in my stomach and the upset it causes is pretty great. There is nothing more that the gas and terribly gurgly stomach but I am wondering if this is my body's way of telling me to avoid these foods for now??

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