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Our Blessed Obsession With Food

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I have been feeling very Christmasie these last few days. This is not normal for me. I am not a scrooge but it is what it is year after year.

We have our family traditions growing up and then if we have children we create new traditions. Everything seems to revolve around food.

We show people we care by cooking for them or giving them food. We celebrate friendship with food by eating out together or having those summer BBQ's. If someone is going through a hard time or ill we want to respond with food. If we ourselves are ill we want what mom made for us as children. It's a comfort.

I realized today that the traditions I created for my children was all about the meal. And sharing it with those friends who couldn't be with there own families.

Now we have food restrictions.

When we are new to all of this we are feeling pretty daunted. But, I have realized that there is a wonderful side to everything. It just took me a few weeks. :)

I will have my Christmas meal tomorrow with family and friends. I will make everything gluten free of course. My joy will be to share my new discoveries with others by way of food. The compassionate and caring thing that is instinctive for human beings.

So if your father wants his meal the same as always try to understand that it is an instinctive reaction, it is his comfort thing. He will get it eventually. If your mom makes you a traditional family treat full of gluten, give her a hug and thank her for loving you. She will get it eventually. It's all about caring.

So, obsess about your food, it means we care.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.


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