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Holiday Successes And Failures

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Here is the cinnamon roll recipe I started with:


I made a few changes, using brown rice flour instead of millet flour and, once, arrowroot start instead of potato starch.

Also, I used a bit more cream cheese than was called for and had a thicker overall icing. I followed the exact directions the first time and the icing was too watery for my tastes.

And make sure to only soften the butter.

Thank you, I saved this to my cookbook and added your notes. Can't wait to try them.

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I guess I have to say I am lucky in that there are not one, not two, but three celiacs in my extended family. Add to that several other people w/ special dietary needs or food allergies and you have a real culinary challenge on holiday get-togethers.

Dinner was cooked by my SIL, who, if not intensely versed in celiac, asked the right questions and researched approprate recipes. Dinner was entirely edible and quite delicious.

Not only that, but there were dozens of gluten-free cookies available for snacking.

All in all, it was a safe and satisfying holiday for me.

After reading this over, I'm afraid it sounds smug. I'm not being smug, honestly. Just very pleased that I have a family that truly understands.

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