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4yr Old Son Just Diagnosed With Cd

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My son Dylan has just been diagnosed with this and we are just starting. He is 4 and I was just wanted any and all help/info from parents who have been through this and suggestions on handling it without becoming overwhelmed.

Thanks for your suggestions and I look forward to getting to know several of you on the boards.

Jennifer :D

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Hi Jennifer and welcome :)

There is tons of great information here, and really nice folks. I'm sure you are already, but read through a bunch of past threads (even if the topic isn't exactly for you - we often go off-topic on a thread, lol). And then just ask away, we'll answer what we can :)


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Congratulations on a diagnosis! It will be overwhelming at the beginning -- there's just no way around it -- but keep a very positive attitude and try not to tackle too much at the start. It does become second nature and is very "do-able"

Our advice? Eat "whole" foods to start -- stuff that doesn't come shrink-wrapped or processed. Gives you time to learn labels and brands. Mainstream things he can eat? Oscar Meyer hot dogs. Stax chips (or just about any plain potato chip). Klondike bars, hershey bars and skittles. Milk. Sprite. Capri Sun. Polly-O Twistums. Jello. Popsicles. McDonald's hamburgers without the bun, and McD's fries. Watch out for? Malt flavoring (it's in cereals, among many other weird things you wouldn't imagine) and unlabelled/unknown ingredients.

Remember that even on this extremely helpful board, there are differences of opinion, schools of thought, and occasional errors. (We're not doctors, we just roll our eyes at them when we're leaving the office......)

Good luck! and welcome!


mom/wife to celiacs dx. 12/03 and 12/04

Mom/wife to celiacs dx 12/03 and 12/04

Success is never final and failure never fatal. It's courage that counts -George Tilton

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Guest nini

my daughter was 3 when she was dx. She's 5 now and doing really well...

try not to panic. Stick with whole foods wherever possible, eventually you will learn to be comfortable reading labels

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Classico Alfredo sauces

Manwich sloppy joe sauce

Oscar Mayer hotdogs/bologna

Hormel salami

Post Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles

Bush's Baked Beans

Cozy Shack Rice Puddings

Lot's of Breyer's Ice Cream *check for Malt*

Old el Paso Taco Sauce for Tacos *the one in the JAR*

Taco shells

Boar's head Cold cuts *most*

Lays Stax potato chips

Corn chips


Snickers bars *NOT poppables*

Recess Pb cups

Hershey's kisses

Peppermint patties

Kinnikinnick products are great------>http://www.kinnikinnick.com/

Chebe is veristile and easy----->http://www.chebe.com/

Knowing what to feed your child is what makes this disease easier. Hope this helps.

I believe in God.

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Guest Lucy

Just wanted to wish you and your son the best. My son was diagnosed 8 months ago. He was 2.5 years old. He also has diabetes. His diet is VERY limited and it is doable. I can't really even complain anymore. We have adjusted wonderfully, but it was WAY overwhelming at first.

Ask any questions, someone will answer.

Tinkiyada spaghetti (rice) noodles and ragu sauce. It is a staple in our home.

Hot dogs, Hotdogs, and more hotdogs. (not real healthy, but real fast.)

Rice, Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles, Van's gluten free frozen waffles. We buy microwavable breakfasts too.

Yogurt (check labels). Fruit.

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Here is a thread that ran several months ago with lots of good menu ideas for kids:



Mom to:

Hayley age 4, gluten-free at 26 months

Clark age 3, negative celiac bloodwork

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