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I have a very picky eater she is 20 months old and will take a bite or two and nothing else! She is lactose intolerant as well! Her doctor put her on Pedisure bc she wasnt gaining weight like she should be!!!! We were sent to a Pediatric Gastrologist bc she was very fussy and gassy she then instrusted us to put her on probotics! Thats helped some but she is still fussy as ever ,clingy and wont eat! Someone mentioned to me that she might have Celiac but i didnt know the signs to look for! Her doctor seems to think she is fine but i am a little concerned! Any HELP would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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Have you had her throat scoped? She could have problems eating because of a small throat or a vascular ring.

She may have acid reflux, which would make it painful for her to eat. Was she a colicky baby? That could be a sign of acid reflux.

As for clingy, thats more of a behavorial thing usually. It could be Celiac Disease but the only way to really know at her age would be to try out a gluten free diet. Lactose intolerance is a common symptom in celiac disease but it is also very common in young children for no reason at all. Many young kids and babies can't tolerate lactose. Did you breastfeed?

In general we need more information in order to help you. But we can't diagnose your baby with anything, only a doctor can do that ( a good doctor).

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I just commented on your other post. Pediasure is dairy, so that may be making her issue worse at this point.

I will just share my daughter's symptoms of Celiac's, but I know that it isn't the same for everyone.

She was dropping off the charts for weight despite eating a TON of food. She had no energy and was having developmental delays because of it. She was having 4-6 loose, mucousy, pale bms/day. She would scream out for no reason. She was extremely irritable and by 9 months old would throw temper tanrums over anything and everything. She had dark circles under her eyes, her skin and hair looked flat and dull. She had delayed teething. All of this was gone within 4 days of going gluten free.

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