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Michelle L

New To Gluten-Free Diet In Addition To Other Food Allergies

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I just went to a nutritionist/allergist and found that I am gluten intolerant as well as allergic to whey (milk), yeast, xanthum gum, eggs, white rice, corn starch, and soy. (in addition to other sensitivities but these are the main ones)

I am having trouble figuring out what to eat because I am so sensitive to certain foods. I tried having Gluten-Free Rice Chex the other day to see if I could tolerate them but I did not feel too good after eating them, so I am thinking about stopping eating them for now. I also can't have any corn products right now, so my only option is to try to have some rice based foods and see how I feel.

I tried eating gluten-free Bob's Red Mill steel cut oats for breakfast, but felt a little weird after eating them. Maybe because my body wasn't used to them, but I am wondering if anyone with similar allergies as mine had trouble with oats??

Also, I am still trying to figure out some options for breakfast/lunch. I tested positive to have a sensitivity to xanthum gum, which is in alot of Gluten-Free products such as bread and snacks, so it makes it even harder to find foods. Anyone else with xanthum gum sensitivity have any simple ideas for snacks besides the fruits, veggies?

I am okay with dinner..usually just have meat, vegetable, and felt okay eating Gluten-Free rice pasta.

Thanks for all of your help. Just trying to think outside the box for some breakfast/lunch food ideas and I know many here probably have good ideas!

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I am in a similar boat - I can't have dairy, corn, sugar, eggs, and I react to oats. And there are very few gluten-free foods that don't contain one of those! I don't know what to eat for breakfast either, the idea of meat and veggies at that hour is gross to me, and fruit doesn't give me enough to go on. The one thig you might try is nuts (I find I am reacting to that too though I don't know if it's a cc issue...). Dang I'm hungry right now writing this.

I also react to oats - that's a common one. I've found I can't have any Bobs products either due to oats cc, somethIng to keep in mind. I *think* there are other gluten-free hot cereals you might try... And there's always bacon and breakfast sausage.

Try doing a search on the site for breakfast, I know there are other people who've been where we are. Good luck!

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Quinoa-either the pasta or the whole grain, can be cooked and eaten like oatmeal for breakfast, add in cinnamon, apples, rainsins etc. and your "milk" of choice

potatoes- you can par boil, chop, pan fry the day before and then just warm them up in the microwave the next a.m., add in chopped ham, onion and bell peppers as desired when you are pan frying.

Ore Ida o'brian potatoes do not contain cornstarh or soy oils, as some do, last time I checked anyway, please double check.

sweet potatoes-wash, poke holes with a fork, put it in the micro and hit the baked potato button, serve with maple syrup or "butter" if you like I can't have any of the dairy-free, even soy-free "butters" anymore due to other allergies so I put bacon fat on things for "butter"

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