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Accidental Glutening, Healing Neuro & Abdominal Issues

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Hi everyone,

I was glutened last night by mistake. We ate out and the waiter assured us that the pita bread was gluten free. It, in fact, was not. I'd already eaten a small slice, but it was more than enough to affect my sleep (sleeping too much), give me a burning stomach, and massive brain fog.

The brain fog is the worst. I feel like I can't function. I took a sick day today, and was reminded by my boss of the sick days I've taken this year - I'm almost out. This is adding to my stress for sure, but really I just need some advice as to how to make the brain fog go away.

I think I may get the same symptoms from cane sugar, on a side note, but not the stomach burning - only the brain fog.

Anyone have any suggestions for how to help ease this or make it completely go away? I don't want to resort to coffee drinks because they have tons of sugar, and caffeine bothers my stomach, plus the caffeine is short-lived anyway.



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So sorry you are almost out of sick days. I know it sucks to get glutened and you can feel really out of it. I have found people are not very knowledgeable about gluten. They don't even know what gluten is but they still say it isn't in the dish or product. One way to protect yourself is to read the ingredients list yourself. I know that doesn't help you now. I've stopped eating out because I hate feeling so out of it that I cannot function. So I made myself a little rule. I cannot risk eating out unless I have a full week of vacation to be able to take off a whole week in case I get glutened at the restaurant. Otherwise I won't risk it. I've spent too many years out of it to risk the contamination and losing a week of work.

I don't really know any way to get over the symptoms of a glutening other than to sleep it off and not risk letting other's cook for you again. I know that sounds extreme but when you have extreme symptoms you need extreme measures.

Some people say tea, charcoal tablets, ginger, pepto bismol, immodium, etc. I haven't found anything but strict avoidance. Once glutened, the disease takes on a life of it's own and I am not human until it passes.

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I found that the only thing I can do to help when I get glutened is immodium - it sort of helps with the abdominal issues (barely) Otherwise I just try to sleep it off, I am bad for 48 hours so thats 2 days lost. I havent eaten out in months and that includes take out coffee and store prepared salads which I really miss but I just dont feel I can trust other people with my food at this point in time.

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