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Finding Old Postings

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How can I locate old postings which I really want to read again and even respond to. (Hope this is the right way to do this!) :unsure:


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There are a few ways to approach this:

If it wasn't too long ago, you can click on the name (your own or someone else's) and click on "posts" or "topics" on the top line, or over on the left click on "find my content".

If it was in the last 24 hours but the post has dropped off the bottom, you can go to the board index and down the bottom click on "Today's Active Content"

If you know which thread it was in and was fairly recent go to the board index and click on the topic and scroll through the index until you find the thread.

If it was some time ago and you are pretty sure which category the post was in, go to that category and do a search (or a google search) for some key words that were in that topic.

Just a few ideas for you.


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