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Clothes Wash

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I have been trying to clear my DH for many many months with some success Gluten Free. Now that I have been strictly gluten-free for so long, and reading so many recent posts on this forum I am at an end.. except I wonder if there is something in our clothes wash?

The only other (harder to determine) options I have left are water supply and any indirect ie not undigested and rarely on skin.

Does anyone have any other ideas?? Anything??

There are so many clothes wash detergents that are hard to determine the original source of the chemical/additive that I am hoping for some others input. Many many months of food additive research seems to have help me but there is still a lagging problem (what I'd describe as the 'itchy, rashy but not like a tradional/medical rash'.

Perhaps someone can give us some insight to an alternative to commercial products that has had an obvious and positive effect to help?

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