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Is Or Isn't Leaking From Intestines Possible?

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I will try to give some backround for you first.

I have been hypothyroid for 40 years. Well controlled with total replacement by endocrine doc. Last 5 years not so...I have felt 'awful', exhausted, depression, abdominal pain- a general 'I don't feel good' feeling throughout the abdomin. I just can't explain how bad I felt. I have severe asthma- my parents were both 3 pack/day people who were told when I was a child to quit due to my respiratory problems. They didn't.

I decided to go to a 'Wellness' doc. He did saliva tests, asked my regular doc to do multiple blood tests (he can't order tests as he is a chiroprator).

The saliva/stool came back SIgA positive. I will leave out the other results right now. Bloodwork all essentially within normal limits.

When I asked the doc about stool actually leaking into the abdominal cavity he said it 'can't happen'. I had just seen an episode on Dr. Oz that leaking of stoll CAN happen.

What do you guys think?

I am worried that the 'wellness doc' is a 'used car salesman'.

It is 4am will write more later.


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Unless your intestines rupture or are cut through some sort of trauma stool itself is not going to leak into your abdominal cavity. If it does that is a real life threatening emergency and you would have no doubt about your needing to go to the ER.

There is such a thing as a 'leaky gut' where the proteins from food can 'leak' into your system but it is not the stool itself that is leaking.

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Hi and welcome. Have you been tested for celiac and are you gluten-free? Those could be celiac symptoms and I assume that's why you are here. :)

It is possible for ulcers, cancer, surgery, or infections to cause a perforation where GI contents leak into the abdominal cavity. As Ravenwoodglass said, an intestinal perforation is a life-threatening emergency. You would run a fever, have intense pain, signs of an infection, and fever. (Think of how people with appendicitis feel.) You would not survive five years with a perforation.

I'm not sure what you mean by "SIgA positive". If your total SIgA is high you may have an infection or autoimmunity. We've had some folks on the board with celiac who had high total SIgA.

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