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Question About Total Serum Iga

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Hi, I am new on here (well I've been reading for awhile, but just decided to start commenting)and I have a question about IgA Deficiency.

I was wondering if you have to be eating gluten to have the total serum IgA test be accurate. Years ago when I started having stomach issues(before gluten free) I was tested for Celiacs, but the doctor only requested one test, the TTG Ab, IgA. I tested negative, but was considering getting tested again, but I have now been eating gluten free for 3 months.

I understand that the TTG Ab, IgA should test negative on a gluten free diet, but how about the total serum IgA? Any help appreciated. the main reason I am thinking about getting tested again is because anytime I have a certain health issue I find myself linking back to this site (but the list of symptoms are for another time :) )

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