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Sunkist -- Yikes, Diet Vs. Reg Is Really Impt!

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Just got another reply. I think it is very funny, because I never asked them this question! Nonetheless, I'll post it, anyway, in case anyone actually did care about their ginger ale... haha :P

Dear Mr. King,

Thank you for contacting us about the ginger flavor in our ginger ale.  Consumer comments and inquiries are always appreciated because they give us valuable feedback regarding our brands.

The "natural flavors" listed on the ingredient statement contains flavor from many types of real ginger roots.  The ginger flavor in ginger ale is extracted from the ginger roots and then blended with other citrus flavors to produce the unique flavor in ginger ale.  Since the ginger flavor is combined with natural flavors, we chose to label the combination "natural flavors" on the ingredient statement.

Again, we appreciate your inquiry about the ginger flavor we use.  For more information about our company and our entire line of soft drink products, please visit our corporate web site at www.dpsu.com.


Consumer Relations

Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.


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