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Healing Crisis?

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A few days ago, after approx. one month gluten free, I thought I had caught a 'bug'. I had my flu shot, and dont normally catch much but a short lived cold. This is my fourth day and each day I get different symptoms-I wonder if this is whats called a 'healing crisis'?

-first day felt tired with head cold symptoms-stayed home sick

-second day felt better but still listless

-third day felt warm all over face bacame flushed felt feverish no fever

-fourth day normally distended belly shrank a bit, had weird bowel movement (sorry), hand and soles of feet itchy, still feel feverish but no fever

Has anybody had these symptoms? Thanks!

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Well..it could just be a bug? Or maybe you got gluten somehow? Could also be your system working out the bad stuff in it? It's a bit confusing at first.

Are you keeping a log of what you eat? I advise it to everyone starting the gluten-free diet, because sometimes we find we have other food sensitivities that have been masked by our gluten symptoms. Write down everything you eat, along with any symptoms. Some food reactions can be delayed by hours..or days. The log helps you put the puzzle together if there is an additional sensitivity.

My advice for whatever is causing your symptoms is to drink plenty of water. It keeps you hydrated and helps flush your system.

I hope you're feeling better soon!

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Thanks! I am drinking more water because for some reason I am thirstier-never was much of a water drinker. Maybe my body is asking for water to flush out the toxins???

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