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After six weeks of eating fruit, vegetables and meat, I cooked a dish (lazy cabbage rolls) for my family that had ketchup as one of the ingredients in it. They love it, I love it and since the label doesnt carry any ingredient remotely coming close to gluten, I ate it. Today, my vertigo and ataxia has returned with a vengence. I'm a bit down.

I phoned the company (President's Choice) and asked about the ketchup. The representative checked and said it doesn't contain gluten but it's made in a production line that makes other products that contain gluten.

Could this affect the ketchup? I'm trying to wrap my head around this. Does anyone know how production lines work?

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Aww. Sorry you got sick again.

Shared lines food is tricky. The equipment is washed thoroughly between runs but the washing is sometimes less than perfect. I think there is always a small risk of gluten in a product produced on the same equipment as gluten foods, maybe even in one bottle and not another.

Unfortunately folks with neuro symptoms on the board say they are very sensitive to traces of gluten. You'll have to watch your reactions and if you consistently get glutened by shared lines food you may have to avoid it.

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Thanks, Skylark. I needed that. Almost three years being housebound with the vertigo, drunken walking and seizures has made me really, really want to be healthy and when these symptoms come back I get freaked out that I'll never be who I once was.

Neuro folks say they are more sensitive? Oooh, I'm going to have to really stick to the unprocessed foods then.

Thanks again. You totally helped. :)

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