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Danbury Ct

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Making a unexpected trip Feb. 20th. There is a Trader Joe's close to the hotel we will be staying in. I've never seen or been in a Trader Joe's but I know people on here post a lot about their store. So do they have a pretty decent selection of gluten free items? I'm also gluten free oat intolerent. Anyone know if any of their private lables have issues with that?

There is an Outback, Bertuccis Italian Restaurant and an Uno restaurant. I have eaten at an Outback before, but have not heard of the last two. Both have gluten free menues/offerings listed on their websites for the area. Anyone have any experience with any of these places?

I don't expect to eat out often since I need to keep costs down. It would be a nice option for the kids and I (hubby is not gluten free) to have a place to eat out at least once and not worry to much. I plan to prepare meals at my father-in-laws house with my pans/food I take or buy. My goal is for the three of us to not get glutened while we are there. There will be enough stress as it is.

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