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Food Therapy (Is Anyone Kids In This)

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Hi all,

I was informed by a friend who is also a PT that there is such a thing as food therapy (like ot, pt etc..) does anyone use this to increase their child's vegetable diet. My 8 yr old is pretty stubborn about veggies and although I have increased her repertoire to include green beans and the occasional broccoli stems (no florets) so now she eats 4 veggie, she gags and throws up anything else. I believe a lot of it's mental and stems from her pre-gluten-free, in lots of pain days.

So does anyone use this form of therapy?

I don't need advice on how to pretty up or cover up a new veggie I have done it all !!!!!


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Yes! My son is on a gluten free diet not because of celiac but because of autism. He is very sensitive to texture and will do veggies, but only pureed (baby food). He's coming up on 4, so I want to address this because I don't want baby food to complicate things for him socially which is already a challenge. We are about to start a food program. We are using the ABA therapist that he's already seeing (behavioral therapy). Some OT's also do it, but I love ABA b/c it's been so effective for him.

My understanding is that at first they are going to start with veggies that are likely to be successful with him - carrots in his case since they are sweeter. And I'm going to bring other foods that can be used as rewards that are really reinforcing - stuff he loves but doesn't get often. They are also going to time it for when he is really hungry to maximize the chance of success. They'll alternate the least preferred food (the veggie) with the food he likes, then gradually increase the # of bites of the veggies before he gets the other.

I know you said that you tried covering up/hiding the veggies without any success, but wanted to let you know that I have had a lot of luck with including them in things that are "bready" like muffins, French toast batter, etc. He's been off of this lately, but for a while he was tolerating smoothies provided the veggie taste was really covered up by other ingredients like bananas.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your input. Unfortunately for my DD she has very high BMI so treats are limited to 1 per week per Pedi guidelines. I also am supposed to cut out the majority of carbs as well, so there goes most of my hiding spots. But more importantly I want her to enjoy eating a vegetable, without it being hidden. Me and my hubby eat a large variety of foods so we are good role models but she just does not even try anymore.


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