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Hi everyone,

I kind of linger around here, and don`t really post a lot, because i`m still learning and not diagnosed. However, i`m starting to worry, with all i`m learning. I`m being screened, and looking at my toddler in a whole new way! Here`s her `symptoms`

-Irritability (She`s usually pretty happy go lucky, but sometimes is just a grouch. I haven`t done a food journal to see if there`s anything to it, however have trialed cutting out dairy to no avail.)

-Distended belly (She seriously looks like she has a beer belly! Cute, but worrisome)

-Greyish stools....This one is most concerning to me!

-slow weight gain as an infant...she`s in the 75% now and seems to be thriving...but.....

Let me know what you guys think! Again, I`m being screened, have had a negative biopsy x2, however am pretty convinced...and if she has it, i`ll be 100% convinced I do too! (My dad has Celiac)

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Well, if your father has Celiac, that alone is a red flag. So regardless of what tests say, I'd suggest trying a gluten-free diet. And as you may have already read on this forum, small children are most difficult to diagnose accurately, so I think the best test for her may be a gluten-free diet.

However, do keep in mind that other foods may be a problem, such as soy, corn, eggs, etc.

Hope you and you child get to feeling better soon!

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My son also had he distended belly but he was losing weight very fast. Maybe she doesn't have Celiac and it's gluten intolerance?? My son also had White/cream/grey stool for 2 months! then finally the dr. ordered a celiac test. He was very very positive! BUT THAT COLOR STOOL IS NOT NORMAL and you should take a sample with you and take her to the pediatrician. Best of Luck!

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