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Wondering If I Have Candida....

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I read a post yesterday that brought up the possibility of someone maybe having candida. When it referred to becoming bloated after eating certain foods (sweets/ice cream) it got me to wondering if I possibly have it. I get severly bloated after eating ice cream and I'm usually bloated in the AM after having a glass of wine the night before. I'm a female and around my ovulation time I get severe pain and feelings of having trapped gas, but that only last a few days & then I'm back to normal (well normal for me). I have been dealing with a lot of D for a few weeks now, but I assumed that was from accidental glutening from some artichokes I ate. I get mouth ulcers frequently and I stay gassy.

Does this sound like possible candida? and if so, how do I get tested for it. I see my GP on Monday so I would like to know what I need to tell her.

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