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Losing It... Help!

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Last week I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I am very low income (I usually go to a food bank twice a month for a hamper and bread, I do a community kitchen program every week that feeds my family two nights, and I do at least two free lunch programs) my disabilies income is going to allow me $40 more for my diet expenses... That's nothing considering most of the places I get food have just been completely eliminated because of this. I am freaking out about how can I afford this?

I am a single mom to a currently very dependent 8 month old. How am I supposed to figure out what I am allowed to eat and not ... Especially since I usually need to go to the library to access Internet. Do I need to worry about cross contamination in everything? Does that mean I need to check all labels as well as brands and how am I supposed to remember all this when I get to the grocery store with a baby who hates sitting still.

And lastly since starting to eat gluten free I am HUNGRY my tummy is growling and empty feeling but I don't want to eat anything at all! I usually have a huge appetite and now the thought of food makes me cringe. Is that normal?? It sucks!

Seriously I am a tough girl I have spent the last few years on the street (homeless, addict, ect) until I got pregnant with my son and I quit everything (meth mostly but also tabaco, alcohol ect) as soon as the test came in positive. I got myself a place, I changed my whole life. I thought that was hard... But this feels much harder! I acctually cried for the second time in almost 2 years (other time being when my son was born of course). I read that anxiety and depression is normal but seriously? I only stopped eating gluten 2 3 days ago!


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So sorry that you have been hit with this on top of all your struggles.

I am very low income also and it can be hard but it is doable.

Rice and beans are inexpensive and also may be available at your food bank. Single ingredient canned or frozen veggies and fruits are also safe and should also be available. I volunteer at a food bank and when someone like us comes in we give some extra canned veggies and fruits, tuna and other single ingredient safe options. So do let the food bank know of your diet restrictions.

Unfortunately the lunch programs are going to be out for you. Chances are nothing they serve is going to be safe.

I do a lot of rice with a handful of veggies tossed in or Thai Kitchen rice noodles done the same way. I only buy meat maybe once a week and really stretch it by just using small amounts in the rice or making soup with whatever veggies are on sale.

Hang in there as the first few weeks can be rough. Ask any questions you need to and hopefully as you feel better things will get easier.

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I am not sure where you live, but I know in Michigan there is an organization that gives our venison to those in need.

We get usualy 1-2 deer a year (my husband hunts) and I do roasts a lot because they are cheap and gluten free, throw 8-7 potatoes in a crock pot with 1/2 a bag of carrots, then the free venison roast on top, the whole crock pots worth costs me about $1.50. This will feed 6-7 servings.

We do a lot of the Thai noodles, with peanut butter and canned peas. I use a lot of diced tomatoes, diced tomatoes and beans over noodles (corn).

Big Lots has a lot of gluten free foods, they have corn noodles there for $2.00 a bag. If you get a rewards card, they have certain days you can get 20% off too, which makes the noodles, crackers even cheaper!

Another recipe we like is 'swiss steak'..minus the steak =) usually i brown ground venison or hamburger, then add in 1 chopped green pepper a jar of spaghetti sauce in crockpot let it cook all day, then eat over rice. (if I buy hamburger, $2 for a lb....plus green pepper $1, and a jar of sphaghetti sauce $2.5 the whole meal is $5.5 and this will feed 5-7 servings).

A lot of planning is the only way I have figured out how to get our bill down!

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