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I'm 4 months gluten-free and have made our home gluten-free (no chance of cc).

I started feeling crappy late last week, tummy issues Fri, Sat and Sun. Thought maybe I had beer Fri and Sat and ate out Saturday night(restaurant always accommodating with my gluten-free). Monday and still today have had severe bathroom issues, yesterday and today bad stomach, nausea, brain fog feels like I got smacked in the head with a frying pan and that horrible felling I had before being diagnosed. Excessive itching since Saturday on my legs ( have made myself bleed and have small scabs on my legs).

I racked my head yesterday and today, what bit me hard? I know I was gluten what is it? This is the first issues I had, I am so careful and eat whole foods everyday.

My mail away pharmacy changed Labs on my genetic Blood Pressure medication, I been on this same medication for 2 years. I called the drug manufacture several times and they never got back to me, wanted to see the ingredients on this med.

Called my GP and had them write a 30 day scrip for the name brand. Which my insurance will not cover so now instead of $10 a month mail away for generic it's going to cost me $108 per month for name brand ( which my second BP med cost me $62 a month)and I have good health insurance. Doubting my self when I got home from the drugstore I counted the 90 supply bottle I opened last week. Yep I have 83 pills left which are now in the kitty litter garbage. It wasn't in my head or stomach issues, it was the medication lab change. I feel like crap and didn't even indulge in a forbidden food.

Please, be careful if you are maintenance meds and use generic each month, always check they have not changed Labs. Generic brands are had to trace ingredients, there are so many labs in so many countries and it's had to trace.

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Sorry this happened to you. It is frustrating. Generics can change binders at will and gluten ingredients don't have to be disclosed on meds or supplements. So those need to be checked at each refill. There is also the issue that wheat starch would be considered gluten free so I always ask if there is any wheat in the med rather than asking about gluten as barley and rye are not an issue as I have never found them used as binders. So I always use the term wheat allergy rather than celiac when asking.

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