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Scalloping Folds Is Duodenum Indicates Years?

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My GI found scalloping during my endo. I didn't have a chance to ask him much but go back in next week. My husband ran into another GI and asked him some questions. He says the scalloping is an indicator that I've had Celiac for years pehaps many years. I find that interesting. Does anyone know much about scalloping? I know I'm Celiac because I've been positive on all my bloodwork and genetics. I just want to know more about my internal damage.

Faith For Life

Family History of terminal diabetes, acid reflux, etc.

2010-My 4 yr. old son- chronic diarrhea (3-5x a day since he was 12 months old)and chronic anemia,positive for 2 gluten sensitive antibodies, the genes, inflammation

(no villous atrophy found)

2011-entire family positive for genetics for celiac

2011-myself- positive gluten antibodies across the board

Family is successfully gluten free and some lactose free, studying Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Paleo Diet

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