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What's The Best Face Cream ?

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my boyfriend just bought this nivia face cream, that I understand is gluten-free but they don't check their raw suppliers.

is there any brand that's easy to find that's 100% safe?


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My son uses Nivea and has no reaction, but he doesn't use it on his face.

I use pure almond oil for face and body.

It is just almond oil.

Very little cost and it moisturizes great.

I get it for $5 at an international market. It is a huge bottle.

If you get at a department store you will pay a lot for a tiny little bottle.

It's wonderful stuff if you ask me...and it is all natural.

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maybe i'm being a little too cautious, i dunno... I just didnt like what was said on the nivea site about the suppliers, and I've been soooo sick lately, I just want to be careful :)

I'm not so much worried about the lotions I wear, unless it's lipstick, but I dont want to kiss his cheek and wind up getting glutened :S

I found something tonight in the health food section at zehrs... It was the only one marked gluten-free, the name escapes me right now, but it smelled wonderful! I hope that he likes it!

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