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Portugal Travel

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I am traveling to Portugal for a vacation. We'll be in Porto and Lisbon. Any recommendations for gluten- free friendly restaurants and grocery stores where I could find some snacks? We'll be there for 10 days so I may run out of my standard stash of snacks I bring in my suitcase on trips. thanks everyone for any tips!

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We spent 3 days in Lisbon with our 2 gluten-free children and no trouble at all. They are very knowledgeable about gluten so you just have to say "gluten free?" and they will help you with the menu. We had this experience at every sidewalk cafe we sat down at. We didn't speak any Portugese so it was all done by pointing and the great English that most of the servers spoke.

All of the grocery stores we found in Portugal and Spain had gluten-free areas.

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