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Target Brand (Market Pantry) Gummi Bears?

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My daughter has been gluten free since the new year, and we keep finding wheat hidden in various places. She sent me this message today: "i got a slight bloody nose at school today and felt lightheaded and got a headache afterwards. so i go nap now" She is college aged, but she attacked a bag of Target Brand (Market Pantry) gummi bears. The package does not say gluten free, there doesn't appear to be gluten in the ingredients list, but the website does not provide any allergy info, as far as cross contamination. Here is the website:


Does being glutened include a bloody nose, light headed and a headache? She said she was also terribly moody today (before eating the gummi bears), she did add back in dairy in the last few days so I don't know if that is part of it. She has kidney disease and we monitor with urine strips that measure protein leakage, and just found that by eliminating gluten does wonders for her lab and home tests. So we will measure with urine test strips in the morning and see if whatever affected her today shows on the stips.



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My guess is that they're gluten free, but the best bet would be to try to call the company and see what you can find out. I know some people have expressed frustration with Market Pantry products, but I don't eat them, so I can't tell ya.

Symptoms can vary from person to person. She's just starting out on this diet, so her body is still adjusting. I know it's hard at college, but she should try to eat as simply as possible for a while.

I've had a bloody nose and light-headedness recently, but that's from nasal allergies. This crazy weather has been giving me fits!

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