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Gluten Sensitivity Test

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Hi all,

I've been experiencing some foot and joint pain (suspected plantar fasciitis) and fatigue for the last couple of years. My doctor decided to do a blood test for gluten sensitivity/celiac's. My IgA level according to the blood work was 6. It's my understanding that anything below 20 is normal/a negative test result, but my doctor says that anything above zero is a problem and that I should cut gluten out of my diet.

Is zero really the normal level? Is my doctor out to lunch? I apologize if this information is out there somewhere but I could not find it. Everything I've found suggests that a level below 20 is normal.

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No, zero is not the normal level. The normal level is what the lab has designated as the reference range, <20 in your case.

That said, you were NOT tested for gluten intolerance becasue there is no such thing. You were tested for celiac, which is an autoimmune disease. It is still worth trying the gluten-free diet to check for intolerance if your doctor thinks gluten may be an issue for you. Gluten intolerance can definitely cause joint pain and fatigue; you may be pleasantly surprised at how you feel gluten-free. Try to stick to it strictly for a couple months because joint pain can be slow to resolve.

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