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Where Does A Topic Go When "moved?"

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Just curious to know why a topic is moved and where it is moved to. I'm seeing a lot of these and didn't know the reason behind it.

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The topic goes into the category it belongs in or better fits. For instance, you posted this in " coping". It's a question about how the forum works, not a question about how to deal with your feelings about Celiac. So I moved it to the Technical section, where it belongs.

For example, say you want some recipe ideas, you look in the cooking section not the pre- diagnosis and testing section. It's just to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for. Some things could be in 2 topics, so we leave them in the one they were first posted in, if it makes sense. For instance, a question about what pre- diagnosis testing to give a child, could be in the children section or the pre-diagnosis section.

If a post has been replied to we leave a " link" to where it was moved to. This one just appeared, so I put it where it needed to go. You will still see it either in your post list or just at the top of the" new content".

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