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Nerve Issues And B12 Supplementation

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I've been having problems with pressure in my head and have read this could be from nerve damage and that B12 might help. I've had my B12 levels checked via a blood test and they came out very normal. But I've also read this blood test is not very accurate in showing B12 deficiency. I'm curious if others who have supposedly normal B12 levels have benefited from B12 supplementation and if so how much you take and what symptoms it has gotten rid of.

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I've never heard that the B12 test can be inaccurate, but perhaps I missed that information. I became aware of a Vitamin B12 deficiency almost a year ago. My symptoms included neuropathy in my toes and fingers and gulping for air. I felt as though I just couldn't breathe enough air into me to even move around. I'd wake up during the night literally gasping for air. The B12 helped resolve the breathing issue almost immediately, and the neuropathy continues to get better.

It may be that you're suffering from a less common nutrient deficiency. Check out this site that lists the most common symptoms of certain nutrient deficiencies:


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