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Daughter Dx'd With Gluten Sensitivity

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Hi All,

I'm a newbie here. My 7 yr old daughter tested positive for gluten sensitivity (IgA Antibodies in her stool via Enterolab). She has previously tested negative for Celiac (including the gene test). However, she does have another gene for gluten sensitivity (2 of the same one, actually, therefore she must've gotten one from each of us Mom and Dad).

The thing is that she doesn't have a lot of symptoms of gluten sensitivity other than she is sensitive to a large number of other foods (peanut, dairy, soy, oranges, and others). That sensitivity causes behavioral problems (not GI) and it has taken us the better part of 2 years to put it all together. She had an IgG test 3 yrs ago and she tested sensitive to 27 different foods (including gluten). Most all of those foods have caused a problem behaviorally for her at some point or other ... other than gluten. She was gluten-free for about a year but after putting her back on it and seeing no change and then testing her for celiac, we decided gluten wasn't a problem.

Someone suggested that with all those other food issues, gluten might be the underlying issue which is why we tested her for the IgA antibodies. I admit was skeptical and I'm surprised when the test (and gene test) came back positive.

So here we are a week and half into being gluten-free and I'm not seeing any difference in her, and I'm not even sure what kind of difference I'd expect to see. She does not have a BM every day but she's not really constipated. She doesn't struggle to go, just doesn't go every day. Not sure if that's an issue.

Given that we know each of us (her parents) has a gene for it, I decided to have my 5 yr old daughter go gluten-free too and with her I've seen that her dark circles have disappeared, her skin is no longer super pale, and she has significantly less gas. So perhaps she's gluten sensitive as well.

So I'm seeing changes in the 5 yrs old, I'm seeing changes in myself, not sure about my husband, but the 7 yr old with the confirmed gluten sensitivity - nothing. I suppose it could take longer for some.

Any perspective would be appreciated.


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If your daughter reacts with symptoms that are more neurological than GI..it would take longer to see a difference. It's been my experience that Neurological issues generally take longer to heal.

It's good you know that gluten gives her problems. It's so hard to figure out some of the food intolerances.

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THanks, Bubba's Mom, for responding. We're of course sticking with it - just wondering whether I'll ever see any results from it given I don't see much in the way of symptoms.

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