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My Mum Thinks I'm Over Reacting :(

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Hello again, you wonderful supportive people.

I'm 22 and living at home, in a little debt and have super sensitive celiac disease. If i touch a cereal bowl my brother has used (glutened all over) I get ill. My mum rolls her eyes at me and tells me there is no possible way to get glutened off a cereal bowl thats in the washing up... But i do. She has Celiac disease too, but isn't careful and doesn't get reactions like mine.

I recently got told to cut out all dairy, including lacto free milk and cheese, she again thought I was being dramatic, but its been just over a year since my diagnosis and i still feel awful and am desperately trying to find out what is causing me all this pain and every day discomfort. I'm on coconut milk now, but don't have much of it.

I spoke to a dietician who thinks i may be allergic to nightshades and possibly corn too. I already know tomatoes, soya are a no no. I've had a feeling about peppers (although i adore them) but last night even though i told my mum this she went ahead and made us a meal, with peppers in and I couldn't bear to say anything so i made some rice had some of the food she cooked me but ended up eating in my room just so i could leave it until she was out to put it in the bin, i had a little bit, not the peppers, but this morning had a bad stomach, i had also asked her if she could not use chilli beans but she did anyway. And last night i felt so depressed. Also that morning i had doves farm gluten free cornflakes, they are so tasty but i have a bad feeling about corn...

One! Has anyone else had a reaction to corn, if so what was your reaction like?

Two! Does anyone else have a problem with nightshades but are seemingly okay with potatoes (i think im wishing im okay with potatoes)?

Three! Does anyone else have a celiac family member who thinks they are over -reacting and how did you deal with it?!?

Four! How the hell do you cope with all these restrictions?!? I'm so tired of all of this, im feeling so low already!

Thanks guys, you are all my rocks on hard times!

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So sorry you are feeling rough, and not getting the support you need from your Mum. I am in the opposite boat in that I am the Mum and my kids are a bit fed up with me refusing to have any hot gluteny food being cooked in the kitchen. My husband/their dad, is supportive, but the loss of gluteny food doesn't bother him in the same way.

Whilst you need to be sensitive to your Mum, whose kitchen it is, I think you might need to cook most, if not all, of your own food to stay safe, and to start working through your other possible allergies/intolerances in a methodical way. So you get to choose what you eat. Maybe you could have your own cupboard with your own food and utensils/crockery/silverware, so you don't have to share? You wouldn't need all that much if it is just for you.

This might seem to be a bit bizarre to your Mum, as a fellow celiac, but she ought to understand if you explain that it is just a temporary solution while you work out what the causes of your remaining problems are. If you are still sharing family food and crockery etc, it makes it much harder for you to pin down your reactions.

BTW - I am also dairy fee, and like using coconut milk as an alternative. However I am suspicious that has been adding to my ongoing nausea and achiness, and have stopped using it for now. It is hard for me to be sure that this is the culprit, but I do seem to be better without it. This is annoying as I can't find anything else suitable for taking with cereal or tea. I'm still trying to work this out as I don't wish to give up this tasty product for too long.

Best of luck!

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