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Gluten Symptoms After First Time Eating Gluten Free Breads?

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I have only been gluten-free for 5 weeks but have had trouble with gluten-free products like tortillas and pizza dough-- both times we tried them felt off the next day, crampy and icky feeling, gassy/bloated. Tried Bob's Red Mill pizza dough over the weekend and ick, same thing-- I think for me, I have never had those grains before. Just difficult to digest for me, so rather than experiment I just stick with whole foods since I've been doing well with them.

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To the original poster on the original topic:

I have been gluten free for going on nine years and eating my own gluten free baked things mostly, because of problems with ingredients in commercially made gluten free goods. When I tried the BRM cornbread product last year, I had major problems with it. I then tried using a BRM "corn flour" after I recovered, to see what would happen, and had the same reaction. I'm very careful when I test myself, and I'm rather a plain eater anyway, so it was easy to see what the culprit was. We ended up throwing it out. I don't know if that batch had wheat or oat contamination, but it had something wrong for it for a celiac/gluten intolerant. (Have spoken to the store where it was purchased, the owner is celiac, very sympathetic, and is now carrying a lot more non- BRM brands of flour mixes, for the oat- reacting types.) I have, before and after this, used other corn products that were not the same brand and not had a problem, like fresh corn and this one brand of blue corn flour, which I put a little bit of in my almond meal bread sometimes. I also have eaten packaged, commercially prepared corn tortillas from a decent U.S. manufacturer with almost no reaction, compared to this. I am finding it increasing difficult to find gluten-free corn flours that aren't cc'd by something in this country, it's very exasperating. (see my username... ) Even some bloggers who had put up corn recipes recommending one particular imported brand, have had to backtrack after manufacturers change the factory they are using, and start sharing facilities with wheat products, etc.

I am trending towards considering this to being a cross reaction with oats. Just haven't wanted to blow a few days of feeling okay by testing myself with some gluten-free ones, but since my other really bad grain reaction was to another brand of corn product with undisclosed oats, it's a possibility.

I don't eat the Udi's, because of the flax in it, but sometimes we pick up a loaf to keep in the freezer, for the gluten eating spouse to be able to make a regular sandwich if he is in a hurry. Actually, I had him taste it for me (I just sniffed it) and tell me what it was like, just out of curiosity. He will eat almost anything I will bake, so it wasn't a big deal for him. If I think I have to have a "white bread" type thing (rarely) I would go for a Kinickinnick type bagel.

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