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Fluid Retention After One Month Gluten Free

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Im totally new to a gluten free life.....one month without gluten and many symptoms I ve been dealing with have improved......no more brain fog......a bit more energy.....regular bm's....thats a huge deal...no more stool softeners for me.But......I've noticed the past week I'm retaining alot of fluid. Any one else had this happen.....i eat the

same amount of protein as before.....minimal salt. Knowing what to expect is helpful......thank you guys for sharing.

Fyi....I've had type 1 diabetes for 17 years......good control. Thanks

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I had fluid retention and swollen face and eyes for several weeks. I'm not sure if it was vitamin deficiency related or the fact that I started absorbing better and my body was hanging on to every drop of water and nutrition for dear life. Those were my thoughts at the time. I noticed it subsided gradually on it's own. I still get the swollen eyelids from time to time particularly if I have been glutened. But if you are worried have your Dr. check. I'm not sure what for...I just know that swelling and fluid retention can also be a symptom of other things like heart problems. For me, my Dr. gave me a minor dose of Lasix to take if I needed it. I didn't take it very often as I chose to believe it was from the healing and not wanting to mess up my electrolytes of whatever happens when you are on Lasix. I think it effects potassium levels. Anyway, it resloved in about 6 months with episodes becoming fewer and farther between.

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