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Shared Grills

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Hi, I hope I am posting this under the right sub-forum topic - I know this has been discussed, but I love my information new and Spring is here so...

My family is moving into a temporary living situation in a condo complex where there are community grills. I will not be able to clean a grill and keep it clean and I have no way of knowing what was on the grill before me. Those of you that have experience using shared grills (maybe camping grounds, other apartment dwellers, etc.) - do you use a grill cleaner? Foil? Are there any products sold that I can keep for myself that attach to the grill? They are gas (not charcoal) grills. My sister has shared grills at their community pool and she scrubs it and feels fine, but my daughter is very sensitive and I just can't enjoy a meal when I am nervous about gluten. What are your thoughts?

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Foil works.

We just had a thread earlier this month on grill CC and foil packet meals here. There are even a couple recipes. :)

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