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Found A Wonderful Fruit Bar -- Betty Lou's!

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I had never heard of these before until I just read a review on a blog (which I can't remember the name of, sorry). Betty Lou's fruit bars. I bought cherry, but there were two other flavors also. I bought them from Amazon since I didn't feel like calling around or worse, driving around, all over the place looking. lol.. (love my Amazon Prime.) :)

Anyway, these are fabulous! If you've been missing that Nutrigrain bar consistency then this is what you've been waiting for. lol.. I've been eating Glutino bars which are pretty close to Nutrigrains. But these are even better, in my opinion. The cereal part is heartier-feeling that Glutino, and the fruit is gooier (sp? "gooier" does not look right, lol).

And no soy, for those of you who need to avoid that. None of the eight major allergens, in fact. :)

My new favorite thing to take to take in my bag as a quick snack if I need one. Or to have with my mid-afternoon tea. B)

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