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Gluten Free Pantry Sandwich Bread Mix

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New to Gluten free so this was my first attempt to make this or any bread in a breadmaker. I followed directions on the box (2 eggs, 1.75 cups of water, and 4 tbsp. of oil) but it overflowed. It burned onto the side of the bread container for the maker. And the handle was "baked" into the bread. It tastes good except for the faint burnt taste. I am using a cuisinart breadmaker (2 lb.) on the gluten free setting.

Any tips or advice so this does not happen next time?



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Without knowing more about the bread mix or the breakmaker, I'd suggest double-checking the mix to see if it is suitable for a breadmaker and whether it is meant to be split into two loaves. When I make homemade bread, one loaf usually calls for around 1 cup of water, which makes me suspect this was meant for two loaves or one really huge one. Even though you have a 2 pound breadmaker, there could be some size problems when you try to use it. And you'll have to go back and carefully read your breadmaker's instructions. First times with gluten-free bread are frequently disasters, or at least circuses, and it sometimes takes some trial and error to get it right, so don't give up. Remember that most bread disasters can be cut up and dried out in the oven, then turned into croutons or bread crumbs in the blender or food processor, so it isn't a total waste if you can't slice it for sandwiches.

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