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Lactose Intolerance?

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Greetings :)

Hoping to get some direction with my daughter's diet. She may or may not have celiac-her blood results came back negative for it. Haven't had a biopsy done, but she has responded well to the removal of gluten from her diet. She does, however, have the symptoms about once a week or every other week. I know that it takes time for gluten to completely leave her system, though.

Yesterday she had a tiny bit of cheese and this a.m. she had 6 oz of yogurt. Within 2 1/2 hours she had the cramping, typical diarrhea, etc of celiac. I read that she also might be lactose intolerant as the symtoms are very similar to celiac symptoms.

I plan on eliminating dairy (at least in it's "blatant" forms) and starting a food journal.

We do go into the GI doc for the first time next week, and I'm betting that they will want to do a biopsy.

Are there any other recommendations from you all, or perhaps similar stories for me to gleen some knowledge from?

Thanks so much!

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