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Can Gluten Affect You This Much Later?

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I was diagnosed with celiac at age 7, i went on a gluten free diet and things were fine. when i hit college it became really hard to eat and drink gluten free. I graduated two years ago. After college i went right back to a gluten free diet.

Recently, more so the past two months I have been having some lower ab bloating that is constant, and i feel gassy all the time after eating no matter what it is. Its not pain, just achy and pressure almost. Sometimes its behind my belly button (but i know gas can cause this poking feeling near your belly) sometimes radiates to hips/sides. I know these are normal celiac symptoms but i have never felt these before and it scares me. The lower ab bloating is more so on the right side then the left.

My GP thought it was possibly a cyst so i saw a gyn and she checked twice for cysts and anything else that could be wrong down there but found nothing.

I have an appointment with my GP in two days and a GI in three. I just want to know if these feelings are normal. Or if these could be after effects from the damage that occured when I was in college.

Someone please help me. (Also, please no judging. for medical reasons unsafe to me and my baby, i had a surgical abortion two months ago. The clinic at my check up and GYN both confirmed that nothing was wrong with that and that this issue is not GYN related.) I dont know if anything ever had an issue like this and if the uncomfortableness and bloating is because of that. Thank you.

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Well, it's possible you've developed another food intolerance which is causing you issues. Try a food diary, keeping specific track of the major allergens.

Another thing to consider is your body is making post-partum adjustments. Hormones can shake your body up on all levels, so I wouldn't be surprised if they are causing you grief at this time. Additionally, pregnancy can be a "trigger" event for all things autoimmune.

Have you tried digestive enzymes and probiotics?


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Give your body time, but be very vilgilant about cross contamination.

Maybe your getting cc and you don't know it.

Yes, your symptoms are normal Celiac symptoms...if getting gluten.

Hope you find the source.

Also, I agree with considering other food intolerances like said above.

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