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I'm a newbie to all this and have been playing it safe the last few weeks-just eating fruits & veggies & lentils-in fear of accidentally glutening myself before my vacation to Coasta Rica. I leave on Tuesday and sure enough, I slipped and did something to gluten myself this weekend. GRR! (It was either PF Chang's or too many gluten-free crackers at a party. gluten-free foods can still have minute amounts and be accumulative, right?)

Luckily it's not a threat level orange type of glutening, but I'm still in considerable pain and desperately doing all I can to help it pass (resting, drinking tons of water, eating only fresh fruits and veggies). I have Lyme Disease as well and am supposed to regularly take detox baths to flush out toxins and I was just wondering if a detox bath would also help relieve pain from a glutening. I know it likely can't hurt, but I just thought I'd check with the experts. ;)

Also, any other natural pain relief anyone can think of would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't know about the detox baths. Some people have suggested epsom salts baths to help relax.

Here is a thread with some ideas though:

What To Do After Accidentally Eating Gluten?

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I believe they do. After I've been glutened (or have experienced symptoms from another intolerance), I sweat gobs after taking a detox bath. (For comparison, I've taken the same detox bath and not sweated at all afterwards.) This seems to indicate that the toxins are leaving my body.

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