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Anyone Need Gluten Free Food - Cincinnati, Ohio?

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I have a TON of gluten free (but not dairy free) food in Cincinnati, Ohio. I can't use it anymore because I found out I can't have dairy. There is a TON of stuff - cases of Mrs. Leeper, different kinds of chips, mac and cheese, soups, TV dinners, etc.

I'd prefer to sell, but at this point I'm moving and just need it gone, so unless I get more than one person interested, I'll give it away.


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If you're unable to find enough takers, please remember that there are people with celiac who can't afford food who go to food pantries...only to find very little they can eat, even though it's free. Every holiday season, I package up several bags of gluten-free food and mark them as such before dropping them off at the Food Bank. Leading celiac expert Dr. Alessio Fasano once said at a conference, "Woe to the celiac in the U.S. who is unable to afford gluten-free food." He was referring to how our government does not feel an obligation to furnish celiacs in need with gluten-free food.

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