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New To The Gluten Free World

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My daughter will be 18 on October. Since she was about 3 we have been fighting eczema. Bother her family doctor and the dermetologist have always said there was no cure and they just treated the symptoms not the cause telling us she will grow out of it.

Well the last year is has been out of control. To the point of casuing her depression. Her arms were covered and unconfortable.

We went to see an allergist for the specific reason of her eczema even though she has slight environmental allergies. They did the skin tests (food and environmental) and blood tests for both. There were no food allergies but again a few environmental.

He recommended the allergy shots. When I asked him how long it takes to show an improvement in the skin, he said "Oh no this wont cure that, it could even make it worse". ARE YOU KIDDING. $3000 later you tell me this?

As most parents know when your children are hurting so are you....I was beside myself.

I wasn't sure how I stumbled upon it, by the grace of God, but read about Gluten allergic reactions that wont show on blood tests.

We put her on a gluten free diet and within a few weeks her skin cleared, not perfect, but 80% better. You have no idea how this has changed her life.

The difficult task is going to be coming up with meals for her....she is also a vegetarian.

Have a great day every one.

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Thats awsome that your daughter finally has some answers!!! BUT it had to take years to get here..shame, but Im not surprised. I have a few friends with skin issues and Ive encouraged them all to have the celiac test done, after all it can't hurt!

Im so happy for you, and the meals arn't easy as I have just started them myself on March 29th. With the help of the kind folks on this board, she too will get through it and be happier because of it. Im a hipocrite though because I am also leaching support from the people here...I NEEEEED it!

Good luck with your daughter and stick around, you'll get all the help you deserve and then some!


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