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Finally, after four grocery stores that I have been looking for gluten free items like baking flours etc. I thought I would have to pay more for order baking flour online.

I came across the supermarket that is bit out of my way but can handle if I have other things to do in that city. I always can stop by before drive twenty minutes back home. Mejier's actually do have nice section of gluten free things and baking supplies. they have amazing veggie section along with the fruit section! I think I will be shopping there more often. :lol:

Of course, it is in Champaign, Illinois. I am so happy to know that they put nearly all of gluten free stuff in one section which that made much easier to shopping! I can skip nearly all of asiles to get to that section! I wished I have time to look thru freezer section to see if they also have frozen things for gluten free too. next time, I guess...

if Mejier is near your area, check them out if you havent tried. :)

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