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Ore Ida & Gluten-Free Rice Crispy Treats

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I see Ore Ida was last discussed in 2010. Just a reminder that SOME of their potato products are not gluten-free. I had the tater tots yesterday morning in a cafeteria (I know, I know...) and I still have the indigestion to prove it. :(

I posted on the Restaurant Forum about the hash browns at IHOP having gluten in them. We often don't think of potato products as having gluten, but we really do have to watch all of the processed potato products.

On another note, I made Rice Crispy Treats with the gluten-free Kellogg's line and my family swore they couldn't tell the difference and loved them. (I'm still in the first year since diagnosis and I LOVE cereal...I can definitely tell the difference! The gluten-free line has a harder texture.) They also liked the M&M version of the Treats. :rolleyes:

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