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Pf Change And Salad Works

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I'm not usually a big eat-outer - but in the last two weeks I've had two experiences. 1) PF changes has a new menu and gluten-free menu. It includes some wonderful new items and lunch prices. We can get the cheaper lunch combo also:) 2) I went with a friend to Saladworks and asked questions about Gluten and allergies and They looked at me like I had 6 heads. They have a menu online but there seemed to be so much mixed ingredients and the dressings were very colorful also. I opted for a tea and a good chat with a friend. I emailed corporate and asked a few questions. Someone called back the next day and answered and asked a lot of questions. She said that I can asked any Saladworks to make my salad from the ingredients in containers and dressing bottles to ensure no CC. The actual restaurant emailed me 2 days later and offered gift cards and said they have talked to all employees about allergens and about offering to make a salad from ingredients in containers. I was impressed:)

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