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I am definitely gluten/dairy intolerant and have leaky gut but have tested negative for Celiac in an endo-biopsy. I have a Dr's appointment on Monday and I want to ask for the blood tests to test for Celiac since I hear there is a high false negative rate with the biobsies. What are the blood tests called?

I also have purchased the supplements iFlora which is a multi probiotic, L Glutamine 500mg and Rainbow Light Advanced Enzymes.

How much LGlutamine 500mg should I take? The bottle says 3x day but should I be taking 1000mg 3x a day instead?

Should I take the Enzymes everytime I eat? That could be 5 or 6x a day. Or should I just take them 3x a day with my bigger meals?

How many times a day should I take the iFlora? Below is a list of ingredients

560 mg Proprietary Synbiotic Blend** of Short Chain Fructooligosaccharide,


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Measure out the broth you'll eat for a few days, and put the rest in 8 oz. containers in the freezer for another day.

Go to the University of Chicago Celiac Center and look for their 1 pagers. They have a great one on testing.

Take the Digestive Enzymes with your big meals or as directed on the bottle. Follow the directions on the bottle for the probiotics. I take 1 per day but they are all different.

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